Our Big Idea

Funding local growth-stage businesses.  A re-investment cycle that is sustainable through the ups and downs of our local economy.

It’s your company. It’s your passion. It’s OUR future.
We’re here to help accelerate your growth – on your terms.

Grow without losing control

We don’t want significant equity or personal guarantees. We don’t want a seat on your board or for you to write a big check if you’re having a down month.

Get funded faster

We know the community and we know business. If we are right for you, you’ll be funded in about a month. If we aren’t right for, you’ll know within a week. We strive to never waste your time.

Beyond angel/seed funding, less risk and hassle than bank loans, more freedom than VC


  • Low interest rates
  • Often requires a personal guarantee and complex covenants
  • Requires collateral many startups can’t provide
  • Inflexible repayment schedule
  • 2–6 month fundraising period

Romano Venture Capital

  • Little or no equity dilution or loss of control
  • No personal guarantees
  • Flexible payments based on monthly revenue
  • Aligned toward revenue growth
  • 1 month application and due diligence/discovery process
  • Local business support and networking
  • Flexible financing options as the situation changes
  • Follow-on rounds available in as little as a few days

VC & Angel Funding

  • Often provides a large amount of capital
  • Requires 20–40% equity stake and a board seat
  • VCs serve their investors, not you
  • 3–9 month fundraising period
  • 3-6 months to funding and all arrangements
  • Controlled by the VC

Our community is only healthy when business thrives. Business in Greater Vancouver has been growing and and we’ve benefited from it, mostly centered around real estate and development investments. To sustain the current growth requires giving back to the community where it will help the most, in new and growing businesses.

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